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Anyone have any suggestions for a group to submit my drawings to? I have a few fine ones for my comics, no problems there, but the few I found up until now that seem to fit the theme of my inky chaos (psychedelics, mostly ; ) all seem to have a 1-dev-per-week policy (even 1-dev-per-month) just when I start splurting these babies out at 1 a day. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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... who come here to post a "thanks for the watch":

You're welcome, my pleasure.
Ok, when I post comics, this isn't much of a problem, but with some of my drawings (tentacle frog thing, for instance), I feel like I am missing a category. What would you call them? Surreal? Psychedelic? They do usually involve suggestions of animals, but to call them drawings of animals feels weird, and I dare not dev/null them into 'miscelaneous'...